“Pace” of understanding for slow learners is different from the “pace” for the fast learners.

We provide universal access to the world’s best Online Education Platform.
To be the best E-Learning Platform by Developing Technology to enable Everyone access online platform.
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What Make Us Special?

Inspecting and understanding of current and future relations requirements of Institutions.


Who we are

Learning Pace, one of Best Online Learning Platform, aims to promote the development and expansion of education opportunities through new programmes and alternative modes of delivery using technology. The Platform has a strategic goal to enhance access to education to meet the increasing demand for education by among other strategies, strengthening distance and E-learning modes of delivery.

What we do

Learning Pace is an Online Platform, the main purpose is to let everyone live, learn and grow by enabling thousands of people access online education through our Premium and Free Courses. NOTE: We do not Currently offer Certificates to Our Students. All Our Teachers and Instructors are Certified and Approved by Our Team.

How it work

The development was borne to leverage technology-enabled learning to enhance access to education. Technology-enabled learning has become an integral component of mainstream systems. Through the use of mobile technology, learning moves out of the classroom into the student’s environment, allowing them to study at any time, at their own pace.

A Great Place to Grow